Friday, May 21, 2010

Ninfeo Mio, Ninfea, and D'Ailleurs et Fleurs

Annick Goutal (I guess I'm on an AG streak, huh?) Ninfeo Mio or should it be called Ninfeo Meow? Yep, cat pee.  And not just at one point either.  Guerlain's Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune has a slightly cat pee-ish smell at one point in the dry down phase (I quite like AAP but cannot wear it much because the Moth doesn't like grapefruit at all), but with NM, it went on and on and on, and totally destroyed its gorgeous opening for me.

Profumum Ninfea - and yet another "I have been here before!"  Oh what joy I get when I sniff a fragrance for the first time and I say that to myself.   Notes of rose (of course that's why I like it), violet, honeysuckle and cut grass.  Okay it's another rose-y fragrance, but I want! But at $225 for 100ml, I think not *sobs*

The Different Company D'Ailleurs et Fleurs.  Oh!  Sublime.  And not in a boring way.  Notes:  neroli, petitgrain, hazelnut-and elder-flowers, mandarin, star anise, bigarade orange, soft musk and prune.  It's a 'white floral' which usually makes me sneeze and get headachey.  But  this one pulls it all down with what I'm assuming is the musk and prune, and it's amazingly beautiful.  A masterpiece! NOTE:  but it does fade quickly on me.

photo:  Bougeureau's Mother and Children which actually lives at the Cleveland Museum of Art - I'm so fortunate!


  1. Hey Margaret!! Nice to see you here. I'm having so much fun

  2. lovely, and hilarious, narrative of your fragrance journey! All those flowers and citrus (and cat pee)...what to do? Have a great night!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear that about Ninfeo Mio. :(
    I find it absolutely beautiful on me, and it's great that I finally have an AG perfume that lasts and lasts.

  4. Thanks LBV!

    Ines, Mandragore and Encens Flamboyant are the only two AG scents that last on me. I'm so happy that NM works for you. I really wish it worked for me :(

  5. Cat Pee! Please no - I love NM. One of my faves. I'm on the verge of actually buying a bottle (not something I do often). But I really don't want to smell like cat pee!

  6. NM smelled like cat pee on me and my friend chriten too . Not what I want my friends to tell me I smell like !!
    Ms Frida , e-mail me , I have something to send you....kafa at aug dot com

  7. Missy there are all sorts of foodie things in some perfumes

    Yes, SS, sigh all I get is cat pee on my skin. But that doesn't mean YOU will smell like cat pee.

    Ooh Carol - I love surprises!!!

  8. I'm learning so much about perfumes. And it is so expensive. Foodie stuff, cat pee... I wonder if there is chicken stuff in perfume... it would be fun to mix up good smelling stuff and try to come up with a fragrance.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  9. Some day when we meet in the flesh, I need you to walk me through the Annicks to tell me what I'm smelling-- maybe I am missing some retiring French lady gene, but all the ones I have ever tried (and they left such a minor dent in my memory, I can't even rememer which ones...) just came and went. I need a refined guide to lead me...

  10. Callie, the neat thing about places like and is that you can purchase samples for pretty cheap. And you too have a wonderful weekend! I'm so happy I have three days off!

    LCN, the majority of them kinda blend together in my memory, too, now that I'm not in mid-test. The only two that stand out are EF and M. And I hope you weren't commenting that I am a refined guide, because I am unable to sniff out a lot of things!


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