Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Creed Fleurs de Bulgarie and quick sniffs

I adore Fleurs de Bulgarie.

I actually can sleep with it (readers know that I have a difficult time with scents at bedtime)!

Here's the notes (from Creed's website): 
  • Top Notes: Bergamot
  • Middle Notes: Bulgarian rose
  • Base Notes: Ambergris infusion and musk
Plus a review

I don't understand "soapy" - some folks have blogged about it being soapy.  *shrugs*  But I am totally and magically in love.

Okay so I'm all about "what does this scent make me feel like?"    I don't think about past times or places specifically, but am romantically transported into now (which is weird, because this scent was supposedly launched in 1845).   If I was done with my perfume journey, I would feel no shame stopping here.  But I'm not done yet, though FdB will be wore by me often in the ensuing months and hopefully years.

Long live FdB!


Quick sniffs:
Cuir d'Iris by Parfumerie Generale.  It's very plastic smelling on me, and reminds me of the Girder and Panel construction set (plastic)-as kids we played with this set in the (musty) basement.

Penhaligon's Bluebell - ouch my head hurts!  What IS it with so many floral-y scents that cause me headache?


  1. Glad you liked FdB - I found it reminiscent of something like Dove soap (very creamy) and potpourri, but then we don't often agree, do we? :)

    Bluebell started off with this realistic, lovely hyacinth note that quickly flipped over into "accident in the chem lab." Ugh. Have not smelled the Cd'I, but I love your description!

  2. I don't know Fleurs de Bulgarie, just Fleur de The Rose Bulgarie wotsit, Fleurissimo and Fantasie de Fleurs (all names approximate). I am curious to try this now, as amber and rose is usually a good combo for me, and I am fine with musk too.

    Love your Girder & Panel illustration, though I am not familiar with the PG in question.

    Bluebell I find sharply green, but quite pretty, espcially at night, strangely!

  3. You've summed something up for me when you say "Okay so I'm all about "what does this scent make me feel like?"" That's exactly how I feel. I hate saying, notes of x, hint of y. What I want to say is - Smells like old ladies/summer holidays/ revising for exams/ library books etc. Think that's why I love CB I Hate Perfume so much. It's all about the mood, or a scene etc.

    I haven't tried the Creed that you describe - but you make it sound good. I have tried the Penhaligon's though. Not sure if I was put off by Penhaligon's by Luca Turin etc - but they all smell cheap to me.

  4. Cuir d'Iris has a deeply weird note on me that I suspect is what you smell as plastic, but on my skin (or to my nose) it smells more as if it's a leather note coming from some weird exotic animal previously unsniffed. Like, say, dragon leather or something.

  5. Mals, I CAN kinda detect Dove soap. I do have trouble when people say something smells "soapy" because every soap has a different smell!

    Bonkers, I do wish that Bluebell wasn't so ghastly on me. I love Creed's Rose Bulgare which is much more delicate than Fleurs de Bulgarie.

    SS: You know I haven't tried any from the CB I hate Perfume line - will have to now!

    CF - hahaa dragon leather - love it!!


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