Friday, April 30, 2010

A tale of two Hermes, and a Song(es)

So let's get Annick Goutal's Songes out of the way... this is what it reminds me of:

Don't think I'll be purchasing this one.

Hermes' Un Jardin sur le Nil and Un Jardin apres la Mousson are both really beautiful.  I believe I do favor UJslN (I wrote about my initial impressions of it here-) - there's something about it that has more oomph than the other.  I'm glad that I received a large sample of UJalM from Signature Scent, and I had bought a large sample of UJslN from perfumedcourt, so I'll be playing with these two during the hot days of summer.

Oh, and I have been super busy at work, so I apologize for not being around here much lately.


  1. I find Songes very headache-inducing though am not famililar with Crackerjacks! : - )

    The very colour is disconcerting, for starters...

  2. CrackerJacks - caramel coated popcorn and peanuts! Yummy to eat, but I don't wanna smell like it!

  3. Yep. Cracker Jacks are delicious. I think I remember liking Songes, though not enough to buy any.

  4. I bought a bottle of sur le Nil discounted online recently; it hasn't been delivered yet. I haven't smelled it since 2008, but I remember really liking its citrus-grapefruit and green herbs. I think it will be perfect for the humid weather we get in Toronto in the summer.

  5. Songes is one of those that for me dances near the stanchions and velvet ropes, but never rudely crosses. In other words, I remember being worried about getting a headache the first time I tried it, but it didn't happen. And never has. And...I enjoy its heady self. It might be to me what Fracas seems to be to so many others.

    I enjoyed the Cracker Jack comparison, though. :)

    Those Jardins...have gone in either, yet...

  6. Mals - take me out to the ballgame!
    Krista - nice to see you! Yes, perfect for humid weather, I agree
    SS - Yeah, Fracas (shiver!). Re headache = many florals do that to me, not sure what it is and I don't want to test it out either, for obvious reasons!

  7. HA! I love Songes. I can see how some people would hate it, though. It's definitely in the love it or hate it category for most people.

  8. I love cracker jacks! I remember getting great prizes in the box in the 1940's. Maybe they should try out perfume samples as prizes... hee, hee

  9. Hey Diana - what is interesting reading everyone's perfume blogs is that after a while you can pretty much figure what folks like and don't like!

    Callie!! Good to see you. Oh wouldn't that be cool to have perfume samples as a prize!? I would have to buy stock in Cracker Jack!


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