Sunday, April 18, 2010

Quick post re: Le Temps d'une Fete

Well first, here's a solid review
UPDATE: and here's a brand new one at NST
and here's Mals' review

But to me, it's all gay club (not that that is a bad thing, but it's not something I need to be wearing at this point in my life). UPDATE:  I am definitely in the minority here - perhaps I should give it another try.

(photo by Brassai - this isn't the photo I wanted to post, but someone stole my copy of "The Secret Life of Paris" years ago and then I bought another copy, and again it was gone!  The photo I wanted to post was the one Brassai took of two men, one with the upper half of a suit on and the other with the lower half)


  1. You know I adore my Le Temps d'une Fete...

    but... gay club? Not that that's offensive, but I'm puzzled at the reference. Smells like men pretending to be women? Smells like men dancing and flowers on the tables? I'm fishing here, because I'm (obviously) clueless. Help me get what you mean, pulease, Frida?

  2. Oh! I just looked at your blog and saw that you wrote about spring and that fragrance. Can you give me a link to your review of it?

    Well to me it smells like something guys at a gay club would be wearing. I spent many years at gay clubs (late seventies to late eighties - the only places that would play great music other than the punk clubs I also frequented), and this fragrance just reminds me of the types of scents that were worn then (But not at all like the obnoxious Lagerfeld)

  3. I really want to try this one. Will get back to you on this once I've had a chance to sample some!

  4. I wanted to love this, and expected to love it, but I didn't even like it. When I think of why I dislike it, I classify it with dark roses, even though it doesn't smell like a dark rose. I puzzle myself.

  5. SS, looking forward to your review.
    CF, I tested it again last night, and yep, still all gay club to me. But then I actually asked myself why? Is it that it's too 'cologne-y'? But what do I mean by that? I dunno - I'm a bad perfume reviewer - I just post how and what scents make feel or think about!

  6. Pshaw-- You're a great perfume reviewer!! "I just post how and what scents make feel or think about!"-- Yes please!!

    I love the photo, although it doesn't look like any of the gay clubs I hung out in the late 80s-90's... You swung with a hepper crowd than I... ;)
    Well, I'd like to try this-- just to see what you're getting at-- whether it says "gay club" or "Frida's misspent youth."

  7. LCN, aww shucks *blush* but really, I rarely talk about notes in a scent, just my emotional connection or non-connection and that may not be what some readers want. Anyhoo, check out that book of Brassai's photos if you get a chance - I have a feeling you'll enjoy it. And LTdF (my translation is "Party Time!") is probably saying both! ;)

  8. Thanks, BF, that helped a bit. Emotional connections are a fabulous way to review!! It's just that I have no reference of the one you mentioned. If I said, "This perfume smells like the inside of Benjy Williams' house when we were kids," anybody who'd been there would know, precisely, what I meant. But if I said, "This smells like the house my best kindergarten friend lived in - stale PB-and-banana sandwiches, sweaty boys' shirts, Kool-aid and wet diapers," you'd KNOW.

    (Actually, that would be a fairly disgusting smell. Sorry. Mrs. Williams had seven boys of her own and ran a large daycare: 12 kids got off the bus every afternoon and joined the seven babies and toddlers she kept all day. It was a total madhouse - which is why Benjy liked coming to my yard to play cowboys n' Injuns.)

    Anyway, don't stop talking about what a scent makes you think of, please. That's terrific. This description in particular just made me want, you know, a little more detail. :)

  9. Mals, I bet Etat Libre is working on a Benjy fragrance as we type!

    I will be more specific - sometimes I live in a bubble and think everyone knows what I mean. D'oh!


  10. Keep the gay club imagery and its ilk coming! Me, I have wanted to like this scent for ever, as it is uniformly respected and admired in the blogosphere, but I get sour indoles off the narcissi and cannot wear it. : - (

  11. Oh, how funny - my captcha was "indhol"!

  12. Thanks Bonkers, and hmmm, that captcha word thing and your posts are spooky cool!

    And as Popeye says "I yam what I yam" :D


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