Saturday, April 10, 2010

post office, UPS store, a perfume compliment, and great friends

I'm trying to mail Signature Scent 8 2ml samples for our swap.

I got turned down from both my Post Office AND the UPS store.  The lady at the UPS complimented my perfume (Tauer's LadDM btw), though.

I'm absolutely FURIOUS!!  

If I was flying to London, I could take them in my little plastic zip-lock bag.   I'm allowed to take one zip-lock bag full of stuff if every item is in a 3 ounce bottle.

TSA 3-1-1

But I cannot MAIL 16 ml of perfume!?   What the hell, USA/TSA?

My friends C and J are going to London next week (J's a Brit married to my pal C here in town) and they just let me know they'll take the samples when they go to London on Tuesday.  What great friends!  So SS, you will get your swap from me very soon!

But I'm still angry about stupid mailing rules.  They really are stupid.


  1. I mail things all the time that I probably shouldn't...when the ask is it liquid, fragile etc..I just answer NO to it all. I have even mailed jams and jelly's....hehehehe

  2. Agree with SigScent on the picture...sorry about the trouble.

  3. LOL Missy! I feel too guilty - I like the Post office folks here - in fact one is a Facebook friend.

    Thanks SS and SS - that picture kinda looks like me too! hahaa

  4. For customs forms, just tell 'em it's "cosmetic samples."

    I mail perfume all the time. You don't have to do it at the post office if it's domestic. Just go to Ofc Max or one of those and get some waterproof padded mailers. (They come in around 5" x 7" -- I cut them in half and tape one end shut.) A typical package with 5 or 6 sample vials wrapped in bubble wrap will take 3 first-class stamps -- if in doubt use 4 -- due to thickness as well as weight. Drop it in a secured mailbox (or mail from home.) Easy, no trouble, no waiting in line.

  5. I only mail cosmetic samples , nothing else . *GRIN*

  6. thanks for all the helpful hints folks!!!- I haven't had a problem mailing within the US, it's just this international thing. And what angers me is how non-sensical/illogical it is when people can bring perfume on a plane. Well, fortunately SS will be getting her samples soon!

  7. I thought you had pet post office clerks when it came to mailing samples, and then I remembered that that was inland.

    I am with Olfacta on this, sending international parcels of scent most days to just about anywhere, and "cosmetics samples" works for me. In fact I have taken to calling them "used", to gross the Customs staff out a little and make them wary of opening the envelope. It is just as illegal from the UK to anywhere else, but the difference is, no one asks you what is inside, or not normally - you just have to fill in the customs form.

  8. It is the same here in Australia ! I write "cosmetics" too !
    It sure gets my knickers in a knot - really stupid!

  9. Yeah-- I say "jewelry", just to not get into a conversation about anything sticky, smelly, wet, or, I dunno, potentially explosive.

    USPS--- ggrrrr!

    (The squiggly word I have to type in to prove I'm not spam? "Inglompu." Somehow seems apt...)

  10. we're all gonna be on the FBI watch list now! hahaaaa!


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