Friday, April 16, 2010

A Heeley and a few Goutals

After purchasing a few too many bottles of perfume recently, and having been in a few swaps, I have decided to really test some samples.  And I have. 

I really really really REALLY wanted to love Heely's Ophelia - who doesn't love this Waterhouse painting?

And THIS painting by Millais?

I want to find a scent that makes me feel like I'm this type of girl - waifish, peaches and cream skin, dainty (btw, everything I'm not).   Let's forget about the suicidal part of the story here, okay folks?  Just for now. 

But the scent - well it is delightful at first spritz (here's the notes according to theperfumedcourt "Ophelia features a gorgeous blend of jasmine, ylang ylang and tuberose touched with fresh notes of Italian orange and green flower stems") but unfortunately it becomes too sweet/syrupy and flat on my skin. 


So I tried a few fragrances by Annick Goutal.

Eau de Charlotte - it's nice, but the dry down smells like baby powder.

Eau de Camille - very beautiful honeysuckle at first and quite enjoyable, but also not very memorable.  Though I am going to give this one another try.

Folavril - I actually loved it at first (shocker!) but oh dear, then it smells like hairspray and soap.  And I couldn't quite figure out what soap it reminded me and then A HA!  I think it smells like Fuzzy Wuzzy soaps (you know, those soaps that grew fur?)!

That just won't do.

Oh dear again.

So I guess I'm back to the dark side.  Although AG's Myrrhe Ardente was for me too syrupy sweet (hmmm, again?) at first, and then a dull dry down.

Encens Flamboyant - not much in the way of flamboyant, that's for sure, and the incense is very thin, but I wouldn't throw out a bottle if someone gave it to me.

Mandragore.  OH!  I found an AG I actually would want to buy!  Of course it would have to be this one - bergamot, pepper, star anis, ginger and mandrake. 

But I'm still all melancholy because I want to smell like the vision of those girls in those paintings. But I find comfort in the fact that I do adore La Chasse aux Papillons - my only true girly-perfume I love.


  1. Stick with the Eau de Camille - lilac and privet as I recall. Quite a stunt to pull off to make a person want to smell like a hedge.

    So agree on Folavril - it was household cleaning product on me rather than a personal care product - if one can call a fur-growing soap such a thing. I have not tried Ophelia but I shan't rush to do so now - "sweet/syrupy and flat" does not fill me with confidence!

  2. Bonkers, I'm gonna try Camille again today. I like hedges :)

    The Fuzzy Wuzzys were a big thing back in the day here in the US - did you ever hear of them?

    Given your nose, perhaps you will be able to discern more from Ophelia. I fear that I need bigger wallops from scents, or something.

  3. Package came today. Thank you so much!!! They all smell so good, I wonder what one I will try today.
    Little Messy Missy

  4. oh I'm so glad that I addressed it correctly this time! LOL Enjoy!!!!

  5. BF, if you can enjoy La Chasse, you indeed have a portal into girly-love. I try...I have not yet been able to do. Ah, well. Have decant, will occasionally drop in. (Or spritz out, as the case were.)

    Ophelia. I very much like other Heeley offerings--Sel Marin comes to mind--but Ophelia was...well, a limpid pool of already bleeding light colors. I pretty much got out of it what you did. Pretty, sure. Nothing...there...I had a cat like that once. Beautiful, but blended in, and had zero brains. As a result, I couldn't help; one day in a Big Deal Department Store, I suggested En Passant to a customer who was returning for another bottle of Ophelia because she liked it, but was thinking maybe she should try something else. Also inoffensive, but playful and intelligent as well as melancholy. Sometimes even a watery painting can have depth.

    WHAT? Soaps that grew FUR??? Like chia pets for hand washers? How did I miss those? I'm a true-blood midwest American. Wah! ;)

  6. try un matin d'orage, starts out like gardenia then ends up like rain on a city street...

  7. SS, you didn't know Fuzzy Wuzzys!?! I'm sad because they were such a treat for us. Those soaps had a little toy inside so I guess they were made so kids would actually use the soap. I'l check out Sel Marin. So perhaps En Passant may be my Ophelia? Re: La Chasse...there is something in that scent that reminds me of something from my nostalgic past...reality, a movie, a dream? Not sure, but very familiar and comforting.

    Hello Lucy! Thanks for stopping by. I will try that one - sounds lovely!

  8. what a shame about Ophelia- I agree I want it to be lovely- I should try it for myself- I like Heeley Menthe very much but it's unusual.

    i agree about la chasse- am not ragingly girly most of the time but that one is just delightful

  9. Hello Rose!! Your review on Penhaligon's Bluebell has me putting it on my samples to purchase list.

    If you have a different view when you sample Ophelia, I'll be interested in reading about it. My skin and nose do not always do want I want them to.


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