Thursday, April 8, 2010

DSH Dutch Blue Hyacinth, Chanel Chance, SJP Covet

First, here's Carol's wonderful review of Dutch Blue Hyacinth

Because of her post, we swapped and I received a glorious sample. Thank you Carol!

I have tried it a couple of times.  I absolutely love it at first spritz!  It is as if I went into my garden, pulled out a few hyacinths and smeared them all over myself. 

But fades.  It gets whisper soft very quickly on my skin and I want to cry  "Don't go, please don't go!"
The dry down is really sweet - not sweet like candy and not sweet like "SCHWEET!" but sweet like a little girl in her Easter outfit sweet.

I have to reapply very often, and mostly I do it to get that initial joy of hyacinth.

Oh I really wish it would stay longer.

Chanel Chance - I tried it at work yesterday and then ZING I got a headache.  Was it because of Chance or was it because I was totally stressed over grant reporting.  I'll have to give it another try soon as it is promoted as a light chypre.  I like chypres. I do!

SJP Covet.  I won a bottle from Signature Scent.  I like this scent and I do wear it pretty often when I don't want to be distracted too much, and that isn't a negative comment at all.  It is very natural on me.  Here's a quote from  "Covet opens with intensive spicy-green-mint note of geranium leaves, bright and luminous Sicilian lemon, lavender, and warm and slightly spicy chocolate notes. The heart notes are honeysuckle, magnolia, and lily of the valley. The base is darker, composed of cashmere wood, musk, vetiver, teak wood and amber"

Thanks SS!  It's a wonderful addition to my collection.

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  1. DBH *fades* on you?? (jaw drops) I generally have scent-eating skin, but that hyacinth thing lasted for hooouuurs on me. Of course, I think I had a sample of the oil, not edp, so that might matter.

    Hated Covet - but then I hate chocolate in my 'fume, and anything even vaguely fougere-y makes me feel like I'm wearing Fruit of the Loom Y-fronts, i.e., Not Me.

    I think Chance is a waste of skin space. Bleah.

  2. There must be some floral scents that I cannot smell properly. Case in point is SL's Bois de Violette and of course this one.

    I don't get chocolate from Covet - just lovely greeness, a dash of floral, followed by some comforting warmth.

  3. woah. this is a fascinating place.
    RE: glaze. I just use regular old white, as long as its lead free. Sometimes a pale fawn color too.

  4. Thanks Julie!! re: glaze - I cannot seem to make regular white work for me. BTW, some of my posts are a little errr 'racey' so I hope you don't think poorly of me! ;)

  5. Glad that you're enjoying Covet. I've only tried it once and had a slightly headachey day. But not sure if that was the fragrance or just the day. Must give it another try.

  6. Potters are a very earthy lot. Not easily shocked >)


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