Saturday, March 6, 2010

Post office and another compliment!!!

So, because I have been a little wary re: many folks' wariness about sending perfume samples in the US mail, when I went to our local Post Office this morning, I sucked it up and just asked.

Of course, there were at least 6 or 7 people behind me, and I was feeling kinda guilty about taking up the lone postal clerk's time, but oh well.

He told me that you can send things like perfume and lotions and samples and liquor etc, but it's good/important to tell the post person because they have to make sure it's wrapped up and packaged properly so that it doesn't explode all over the airplanes (of course, he said this better than I am relating.)  And the two little packages I had of perfume samples were fine - he didn't even have to write anything on the packages!

I am wearing L'Artisan Timbuktu today, and postal clerk told me two times that I smelled great!

So I hope my experience calms some of the fears about mailing samples.

Oh, what were in those packages you're asking?  Well to my friend Joan, who was the first person I smelled Opium on, I sent her a little bottle of Opium, a sample of L'Artisan Patchouli Patch, and Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant.  My other package is on its way to my nieces in Cincinnati - samples of La Chasse aux Papillons, Harajuku Lovers Music, Marc Jacobs Daisy and Cacherel Anais Anais.

photo from greenbeangirl74's flickr page


  1. I love reading about your perfume adventures.

  2. Thanks Callie! When I got home from the Post Office, I cleaned out the chicken coop!

  3. I like hearing about your chicken coop adventures!!

    That's great news about the samples. Here's the thing-- not saying in any way that I doubt either you or your clerk, but I'm just curious if other people tried asking the same question at other POs, would we all get the same answer?

    Good on you, though, and nice to smell terrific!

  4. LCN, I thought of that too - that most everyone has a different thought on what rules and regs are. Fortunately I guess my PO sees perfume as hazardous but not prohibited!

  5. Can't speak for mail within the US, but for me sending perfume to the States I could potentially come a cropper twice: our UK mail service will not handle perfume if it knows that is what it is carrying (dangerous & prohibited), and whilst the US will accept gifts into the US of $100 duty free, that value falls to $5 for scent, as I understand it.

    But arguably the sorts of things we send have no retail value - only we know that Perfumed Court samples have at least $3 value apiece and most swappers send a whole bunch of samples at once.

    So my concern with swapping to you guys, having first successfully hoodwinked my local mail service, is to have the recipient in the US avoid paying duty on the consignment I am sending, in the event of which I would understandably not be Miss Popular.

    Now if you have a kindly disposed PO clerk that is fantastic, and my guess is that an orderly queue of Ohio-based perfumistas will rapidly form at his till!

    : - 0

  6. Thanks Bonkers!!

    I would gladly pay duty on something that I could not get here in the US.

    And I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but then how come all those stores, like Sephora and Luckyscent and Neiman Marcus and Fragrance net, and etc CAN mail perfume? I mean heck, on the Fragrance net boxes is SAYS Fragrance! This all just doesn't make any sense to me, and what my PO guy said made a lot of sense to me. Okay, I bet you all hope that this is last on the subject from me.


  7. It may be okay for you Americans to mail one another scent internally, ditto the shops.

    Here are our own draconian regs:

    "We take all legal and safety issues very seriously, and we refuse to carry any of the illegal or harmful items listed below. If they are found in the post, we will return them to the sender or dispose of them. In some cases, the sender may face prosecution. These restrictions apply throughout our UK and International postal service."

    "Perfumes and Aftershaves that are classed as flammable are prohibited. Non-flammable items may be accepted but there are restrictions based on alcoholic content."

    I am no chemist, but I believe the % of ethanol in a regular designer perfume would count as flammable. : - (


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