Thursday, March 4, 2010

looking for lamps, finding lamps and Halloween masks

Saturday, I was on the hunt for a pair of lamps for my office at work.  I drove to the local-ish Flea Market, and darn, they were closed.

So back into town, and I remember this neat antique shop on the southern edge of our town.  I LOVE rambling around in antique shops - I wish I had been wearing L'air de Rien but instead I had on Lutens Bois de Violettes.

I scored some great lamps, and a bowl that matches a set I have at home, and snapped a coupla photos from the place.

 (cool Halloween masks at the antique store - these were the kind we wore as kids because my mom didn't have enough time to make our costumes and we bought the whole costume, including masks, at Woolworths)

When I entered the room in FAVA (Firelands Association for the Visual Arts - this is the place I'll be teaching pottery next Wednesday, and I needed to get into the studio to assess clay and glazes) my sniffing pal Frieda was there with her son, and she gets up from working on a paper mache airplane for our town's annual Big Parade, and says "what are you wearing, you smell wonderful!"

Now, the thing is, I don't smell it much after the first initial spritz.  So what is in it that I cannot detect?

I wore it again this week at work, and still not much I wearing it too lightly?  Or can I (and certain others) not detect it.

Throughout the week, I wore Serge Lutens' Gris Clair.  I bought a 8 ml decant after first smelling it at FFs house in in early winter, as I was wowed by it.  But wearing it all day at work, it came off too masculine for me...and it wasn't the lavender because I don't correlate lavender as being a male scent.  I do like it - but I think I'll layer it (which is funny, because I have been snidely commenting to myself while reading other blogs when folks suggest layering perfume because I think why would you spend soo much money on a perfume just to mess with it?)

I was able to score a sample of SJP Lovely from Sephora  and wore it yesterday to work.  It is a really nice scent, but it doesn't haven't enough spunk for me.  I wonder what Covet is like?

My little bottle of Une Rose Chypree came in the mail today from Luckyscent!!! SOOO excited I had to spritz it on me and the Moth, even though I was already wearing L'Iparie .  Also some samples were in the package - Regina Harris - Frankincense-Myrrh-Rose Maroc, Boadicea the Victorious (Pure and Vibrant).  Luckyscent gave me three samples for free (I actually was kinda hoping that they would give me the three I had put into my cart for free!) and all I could think of was TDC's Bois d'Iris (gosh I need to save up money to buy a bottle) so they also gave me Le Labo Iris 39 (which FF LOVES so I'll probably give it to her), and TDC Oriental Lounge.

I am also in the midst of a DelRae test and will probably finish it by the weekend.


  1. You got some nice sampling ahead of you. :) Oh, the joy of arrival of perfume packages.

  2. I'm guessing the BdV was sad and faint, and Freida was just smelling you!

    I really liked Gris Clair a whole lot too-- not enough to pull the trigger on a whole bottle, but it was the first time I realized I could love SL.

    Can't wait to hear what you have to say about DelRae!

  3. Covet has (most bizarrely) lavender and chocolate - I'll say that for a celeb scent, it is pretty unusual. I have the cutest mini of it.

    Full listing here:

    Top notes of wet greens, geranium leaves, sicilian lemon, lavender and chocolate; a heart of honeysuckle, magnolia and muget, and a base of musk, vetiver, bois de cashmere, teakwood and amber.

    I am curious about Oriental Lounge...

  4. Ines, samples are coming out of my ears! LOL

    LCN, Frieda/FF/my partner-in-sniffs has an incredible nose! I envy her. I'll probably do my Delrae post tomorrow.

    Bonkers, I think I will definitely have to sample Covet. Oriental Lounge is really pretty - I have done tiny tests of it, and need to wear it all day long soon.


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