Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I have bought a few L'Aromarine fragrances from Smallflower.com- I gave the Tokyo Rose to my BFF Denise, and kept the Orange Santal and Mousse de Chene for me and the Moth. I wore the OS as a signature scent a few years ago, and most recently I poured some of the MdC in my bath - it was wonderful.

I cannot find any reviews of their products - has anyone tried them?  They're not super deep but they are really lovely in their own way.  And best of all they're super inexpensive AND they have cool bottles.

I'm thinking of ordering a Tokyo Rose for myself, and perhaps the Epices.  Or maybe the Vetyver..or..

photo from Smallflower.com


  1. I have the Mousse de Chene and the Opopanax. I've used the former as a base for citrusy summer scents, to make them last longer, and it does. The Opopanax is very strong, and overpowers whatever I mix it with, but I'm sure I haven't found all the uses yet. When I bought these they were around $20 for each bottle, a great price.

  2. Great idea, Olfacta, about using them as a base. I don't see Opopanax listed at Smallflower - I'll have to see if I can find it anywhere else.

    I'm glad I'm not alone in my joy of L'Aromarine! And they're still around 20 bucks!

  3. oh they're sooo pretty - did you see them all?


  4. Thanks Olfacta - I'll check them out

  5. I have Opopanax -- Olfacta has turned more than one perfumista in that direction ;) -- and, because I was so enthralled by the Opo. when I tried it from a sample vial, I took a chance on Jasmin and Mure Musc because BH was running a big sale at the time. They are thick whompers; some sort of dilution is called for. And none of them are complex, or really even perfume...more a straight up whomp of what their name is. My favorite may be the Opopanax (really is more in my wheelhouse). Honestly, I had set them away for a time when I was ready to figure out to do with them...but I think maybe I'll give a run at some spritz concoction when the weather turns warmer.

    The bottles *are* cute in the cabinet.

  6. well hello Scent - I see you may be from my general area?

    I love simple whomps...be it fragrance or people. I actually think that is the trouble I'm having in this perfume journey of mine is that too many fragrances try to be too many things to too many people.

  7. I have to tell you that I saw "Mousse de Chien" and was trying to figure that out... Dog Foam? Dog Moss? What the heck? Of course, Mousse de Chene, OH, Oakmoss. Duh. My total lack of competence in French appalls me. (Okay, it amuses me too.)

    Hadn't heard anything about L'Aromarine. Must go check out Tokyo Rose.

  8. oops I made a typo!!! Gonna remedy that.


  9. Yes, indeed, in your general area...you near Erie, me near Michigan and raised betwixt Erie and Huron. :)

    As for Mousse de Chien...when I was done chuckling, I looked up at my 73-pound mutt, who seemed a bit miffed/sad that I might be chuckling at the thought of savoring a bit of Chien Essence. I have to remind him that I do, actually, kind of like his paw smell...but no, not that awful stuff he seems so proud of when he rolls round in Something Not Good. ;)

    BTW, I had to wash off the Aromarine after dabbing on to write my response yesterday. Big Stuff, that. I really only like to Opo, I was reminded. Loudly.

  10. I like the bottle too! I love that color.


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