Thursday, March 18, 2010

Estee Lauder 'Beyond Paradise" and Guerlain "Nahema"

So I'm well known at work for being a perfume whore, and W gave me a tiny bottle of Beyond Paradise. It's been sitting on a table in my office with the other four little samples she gave me.
I have to say it's not bad.  I was kinda scared of Este Lauder because my Mom puts on too much Beautiful and it gags me.  Plus for some reason I always looked down my nose on Lauder's scents.

I do like the hyacinth and honeysuckle, and the amber pulls everything down so it's not too giddy.

Not something I would purchase, but I think I'll use this tiny bottle up over the spring.

I wore Nahema today.  After my scrubber incident w/ L'Heure Bleue, I was concerned, but I needn't be because Nahema is quite a pretty fragrance.  I didn't realize it was a rose scent until a few hours after I put it on.   So hurrah, another Guerlain I like!

I had to go out at lunch time to pick up paint for my office.  So of course I stopped in at Macy's to look at their fragrance collection.  I struck up a conversation w/the clerk lady - hip looking young woman (early 30s?).   I was asking for Chanel #19 and all I thought they had was a ton of  #5 and Coco Mademoiselle.  I asked about regular Coco (I have wanted a small bottle other then the tiny tester bottle I got off Ebay).  I asked about Guerlains - all they had was Shalimar and I already own a bottle .

So of course I started talking to her about Andy Tauer (she said she liked spicey scents herself)  and L'Air du Desert Marocain, and I happened to have my little decant spray from perfumedcourt in my bag and asked her if she wanted to try it.

She LOVED it.  So I wrote down his name and the name of the perfume for her.  (They did have Coco so I bought a small bottle of it.  And she gave me a sample of Chance)

Good deed for the day!


I'm woefully neglecting my sketchbook perfume journal - it's becoming a scrapbook book of copies of this blog and pieces of perfume boxes, and once in a while some handwriting ramblings.  Sigh.


PS:  Just put some Coco on and the Moth said "that smells really 'traditional' but really good."  We were  both surprised when we realized is was made in 1984 (somehow I forgot that)


  1. Oh yes, Nahema---- this is a wonderful woody rose. So glad you liked it!

  2. I love the idea of you converting the clerk to a niche scent. :)

  3. I'm so happy when someone new discovers Andy Tauer. And it's usually by smelling L'Air du DM.
    Lately I realized that even though I thought I didn't like rose in my perfume, I'm discovering more and more rose scents that I really like (the rose usually springs upon me unawares).

  4. Hi B.F. Interesting to read your comments about Estee Lauder. A friend of mine wears Lauder's Beautiful Love, and it's just such strong synthetic stuff. I can smell it going strong three hours later. It's really put me off all Lauder fragrances.

    Have you got a swaps page? I've got stacks of stuff, but whenever I read your blog it's always about things I've never even heard of. Would love to do some swaps if you're interested.

  5. I'm with CF - Good on you for turning the SA on to something niche!

    I do very badly with Lauders because of something in the base that I find just nauseating. I have one aunt that wears BP, and another that wears Knowing, and they both smell wonderful. I always feel that I have to justify my Lauder hatred - they're well-made things and I don't think they're downmarket, I just can't wear them myself.

    Sadly, I cannot smell Nahema at all. Totally anosmic - I can tell there's *something* on my arm, but I cannot smell it. Sigh. But happy for YOU, of course!

  6. Yeah, I'm with you on all things Estee-- cannot do. I like that you are bringing niche to the department store counter-- start a revolution!

  7. LJ, it IS very pretty - I'm so glad I was able to experience it.

    CF, Mals and LCN - oh it was so fun. I wish I would have given her everyone blog links!!

    Ines, yesterday I met w/my gal pals and brought a bunch of scents - we were sitting in our local pub/diner sniffing, and my friend R who loved L'air dDM also loved Un Rose Chypree!

    Mals, it's like I feel about Bois de Violette..sigh.

    SS - I would love to swap - my email is carol dot spiros at gmail dot com. I don't have a swaps list, but let me know what you're interested in and I can give you some of what I have.

    Also really happy that I'm not the only one w/difficulty with Lauder - but I must say BP really isn't that bad, esp in light of all the silly fruity florals out there.

    I had to work today - so I'm relaxing in the back yard, watching my chickens, and have a vodka and orange juice (or two..)

  8. Happy Spring!
    Relaxing with the chickens sounds good. Even better with a vodka and OJ. Reading about all the scents is almost like I get to try them out myself. I've always been drawn more to the pretty bottles than the scents.

  9. Happy Spring Callie! oh I do love the pretty bottles too


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