Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Yin and Yang of things

First, I would like to comment on Muses in Wooden Shoes thought-provoking post "Critic vs. Reviewer (you can read it here.  My blog details the journey I'm on,  attempting to decipher my feelings about scent, and the reasons I personally dislike or enjoy or love or lust after a certain fragrance. I guess if push came to shove, I would fall on the reviewer side of things, but then again, most of my posts are more impressionistic than anything and probably not very helpful for my readers!

Which brings me to art.  (Some background on me re: art - I have always been drawn to art (no pun intended), though when I started college, I intended to work towards a social services degree.  Instead, I felt that I needed to heal myself a bit, to understand my angst and confusion, so I turned to art, and received my B.A. in Studio Art (pottery and printmaking, mostly).) 

Here is a painting of one of my favourite artists:  William Adolphe Bouguereau.  This painting actually resides in the Cleveland Museum of Art, which is wonderful because CMA is free, and I can go in a see this beauty whenever I need to.  This painting is one of my fave paintings in the whole world.

("Mother and Children")

Now here is my other favourite artist:  Egon Schiele.   (In fact my son's middle name is Egon in honor of him. )

 As you can see, they are much different artists.  (and neither is an impressionist!)

I am starting to see, through my perfume journey, that I view, in general, perfumes like I view art.  I like the beautifully rendered, romantic and atmospherically lovely and yet at the same time I love the startling, shocking, raw and visceral.

And now, to finish my rose tests - I'm hoping to have them mostly completed by the end of this weekend. 

OH, one more thing!  The reason I chose my blogger name - because of Frida Kahlo's bloody paintings, like this one

("A Few Little Pricks")


  1. Thanks for the link, and it's interesting to see where you weigh in on the issue.

    I've tended to find Schiele rather frightening, but I do like the piece you've posted. It's one of the few of his I've seen that has some positive emotion. (Fine, fine, maybe I just need to see more of his stuff.)

  2. I actually picked that piece because it was one of the 'nicest' of his...he is rather dark and scary, and that is what I love so much about him..his self-portraits - WOW.

    You may like some of his landscapes...


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