Tuesday, February 2, 2010

new job is putting a cramp in my blog!

I have a feeling I won't be around here much until the weekend - it's not that I'm not sniffing perfume (I have Jicky on today), but I'm soo busy with new job stuff and schedule and etc. that when I get home I'm utterly exhaustipated.

In the meantime, isn't this a pretty photo?  I took it of the flowers my colleagues gave me on Friday at my going away party!


  1. Good luck with the new job!! Mr Bonkers says "exhaustified", which is similar...

  2. Flowers-- nice!! But how sad that your new job is taking you away from the sniffesphere!! See you on the weekend...

  3. Lovely flowers indeed, and good luck with that new job. I hope it's fulfilling.

  4. thanks everyone! New job is going well - just a lot to of new things to learn (which I like).

    Heee, exhaustified - that's a good one!

    But yes, it is annoying to me that I don't have enough time/energy to devote to my sketch book perfume journal and this blog *cries*


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