Wednesday, February 3, 2010

my crack

Samples in the mail today!!!

TDC - Rose Poivre
TDC - Oriental Lounge (they say there is something rose-y about this one)
Tauer - Un Rose Chypre*
Creed:  Fleur de the Rose Bulgare*
Parfumerie Generale - Brulure de rose
Le Labo - Rose 31
L'Artisan - Voleur de Roses
Diptyque - L'ombre dans l'eau*

added to my other rose samples that I have already:
SL - Sa Majeste la Rose*
Malle - Lipstick Rose
Malle - Une Rose *
Stella McCartney - Rose Absolute
Fresh - Cannabis Rose*

Then I also received:

TDC - Des Charmes et Fueille*
and a few from TokyoMilk - LapsangSu Chong, French Kiss, Poe's Tobacco, Sparrow*, and Gin and Rosewater (which probably should be in my rose scents)

AND a 5ml decant of Tauer's L'air du desert marocain!!!

Oh, I wore Donna Karan's Gold today.  Review to probably happen this weekend.

* on quick sniff, the ones I like the best so far...still need to do real test

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