Thursday, February 4, 2010

L'Occitane Eau D'Iparie

Back in November, I had a group of friends over , and when DC walked by me I had to know what she was wearing!       It was L'Occitane's Eau D'Iparie.

After about a week of this fragrance haunting my memories, I drove to the nearest L'Occitane shop and bought a mini bottle.

I adore this fragrance and wore it today (again!)  Here are the notes  (from L'Occitane's website):

Note: Red pepper, Rose
Middle Note: Patchouli, Ciste Labdanum
Base Note: Myrrh, Incense, Vanilla, Moss.

One thing I am finding out by doing this perfume journey is that although I knew that I love rose, patchouli, and vetiver,  I never realised that I'm insane about (oak)moss. 

On first spritz I can smell the pepper and rose, and after a while, the rose is still there, but then all the others, smoldering together, come lifting up, and oh, the moss! And although I have read some reviews that it doesn't last very long, it does pretty well on my skin.

This is a special one.  In fact, since L'Occitane discontinued one of my favorites (Neroli Rose) I think I may have to purchase a back up bottle of this one.

Yesterday, I wore Donna Karan's Gold. I don't remember where I got this sample from...perhaps from FF?  Anyway,  I think perhaps I'm not a floral person (though I do love rose).

Here's the notes, from

Acacia, Casablanca Lily, Gold Pollen, White Clove, Golden Balsams, Fluid Amber Patchoul, Jasmine Templar (btw, what's Jasmine Templar?)

I'm going to keep this sample for awhile, and re-test in the summer.  I really really want to enjoy florals, and there is something very lovely about this scent, so I'll try again when it's warmer.


  1. Ooh. Very interesting. This sounds like of those things that I'd either love or hate with a fiery passion. And I need to try all of those. (And if it's available in a mini, even better.)

  2. I did a quick search of your blog to see if I could find your likes and dislikes, because I wanted to see if you were an Opium fan or not. Anyway, this scent has spunk! It's not very quiet (but I like scents with outgoing personalities!)

    BTW, is that a Dominique in your avatar?

  3. I am not sure the L'Occitane is calling my name, but I do own a bottle of Gold, which I like in moderation. The lotion is very nice too.

    As for Jasmine Templar, that would be Simon Templar's wife, I expect.

  4. These perfumes are way out of my league. But reading about them is very interesting.

  5. FS - re: Jasmine - LOL - or the mistress of the Knights!

    Callie - thanks for popping by! The L'occitane one is pretty inexpensive (20 dollars). There are a lot of inexpensive scents that are really really nice (for instance some from Bath and Body Works) But given your allergies, I can totally understand.

  6. Ooh. L'eau de L'Iparie sounds really nice...

    I love DK Gold. But then, I AM a floral girl! I will actually wear Gold in the winter - there's something warm in the base (I have the edp, not the edt), under the cold waxy petals.

  7. Aha! This is where I saw this recommended.

    I went by L'Occitane yesterday, and I did indeed like this one very much. I then proceeded to get a headache, but as I posted elseblog, I blame a whole scent gang, not this one alone. I'm rather sorry that I didn't pick up the mini; maybe next time.

  8. I don't think it's the florals that are not quite right in this one - I adore lilies, but I think the synthetic woody-amber notes are getting in the way. It stars out great on me and then I get pencil shavings.


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