Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm here, kinda!

Work is really busy this week - more so than my first week/last week.  I get home and I eat dinner (lovingly prepared by The Man of the House (MOTH for short), and if I'm not too tired, I watch a TV show and knit for an hour, then up to bed by 9:30 or so.

Today is my son's 22nd birthday!! 

I will just quickly talk about what I am testing - roses!  I guess it's the season (I didn't even think about the connection with Valentine's Day - really I didn't!)

Here's a photo of my Great Gramma, my son and me in 1989 - my Gramma was 100 or so in this photo, and I believe she died later that year.  Great Gramma is the one who wore a rose scent and gave me my first 'perfume', and hence my trying to find a rose scent, in honor of her. (She left her native England when she was 25 and kept her accent - I am such an anglophile due to her!)


  1. the answer to your questions on my blog is:
    North Olmsted.

  2. Happy Birthday to your son! Hope you found the rose scent. It must have been wonderful to know your Grandma and have here influence in you life.

  3. Thanks Dog Rescue
    And Callie, thank you for your sweet reply - really loved my Great Gramma, she was such an influence on me. And we had a great time last night celebrating son's birthday

  4. What a tribute to your Great Gramma... and happy birthday to your son. You must be proud!

  5. What a lovely snap of your family!

    And so happy to learn that your husband has been upgraded to MOTH... : - )

  6. THanks Mals - I am proud!

    Bonkers - I took MOTH from Laura Ingalls Wilder - when she wrote for a farm journal in the early 1900s she always called her husband the Man of the House.


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