Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Etro "Raving" and some other things to talk about

Just wanted to say that I'm being run ragged (is that even proper English?) by my new job, and I have also been elected Chair to a city commission.  My sketch book blog has been terribly ignored, as well as this one.

But I have been wearing scent daily.  In fact, I wore L'air du desert marocain last week, and three people came up to me at work to ask what I was wearing.  Then yesterday, I had on Prada Tendre (which I bought a few years ago, and do like though not sure if I'd buy it again given all the new fragrances I'm learning about through this journey), and more nice comments!  Today I had on Chanel's Coco, and when I came home from work, dragging butt, the Moth said "you smell so nice!" when he gave me my hug.  Yeah, I do! 

I also did a little test from a sample I received when I won the bid on Miller Harris' Coeur de Fleur (which btw I do like - I seem to like everything Miller Harris as I also seem to like everything Tauer, and all the Guerlains I have tried so far.).  I silly-ly bid on the Miller Harris, sniff unseen, thinking I wouldn't win the bid but of course, I did (why do I do this?  well I was bored that day!)

Anyway, the seller put in two Etro samples.  I did a test of Raving, which smells to me like a less-than Jungle L'Elephant.

Sorry this isn't a long descriptive post and I didn't post a photo!   I just wanted to keep up on some of my SOTDs.


  1. "Run ragged" = English-- most def. I really like L'AdDM-- I think it reaches for something unusual. (Not so sure where "Lonestar Memories" leads I want to follow), but I know I've got more Miller Harris exploring to do.

    How did you get so busy? The blogosphere misses you!

  2. hey sweets! I started a new job February 1st - it's similar to what I was doing before (working w/the homeless population) but in this position, I'm doing more grant managing and the programs are along the lines of rapid re-housing (and not transitional and permanent support housing like before). I miss the blogosphere too! Once I get my head wrapped around the zillion programs I am to manage, I'll be back in full style!

    Lonestar Memories is a Tauer I haven't sniffed yet.

    Oh and F (a guy at work who likes my perfume choices) just came by my office to get his whiff of the day! heheeee I'm wearing No. 19 today.

  3. I am most envious of you getting all those compliments on your perfume - this never ever happens to me, which may be due to my light application or the reticence of the British to pass personal comments. "Run ragged" is spot on, though. I am "run raglan" on a number of knitting forums, LOL!

    I love LADDM as I think I wrote here, but agree with LCN that you can keep Lonestar Memories, arguably the worst masculine it has ever been my misfortune to sniff. I don't actually like a single one of the rest of the line, which is a shame, as Andy Tauer is such a nice chap. I won a complete set of samples in a raffle, and then didn't like them.

    MH is a range from which I like very few, though I wish I liked more, with it being British! Fleurs de Bois is probably my favourite, though I like Coeur d'Ete and Terre d'Iris too.

  4. yeah, it's probably a Brit thing (i.e. the lack of compliments! ;)

    You can alway send me all your Tauer rejects.

    BTW, I'm a avid knitter - I'm "selwynne" on ravelry (Selwyn was the street next to the street I grew up on, hence the name)

  5. Wow - you had three people giving you comments when you wore L'air du desert marocain. I must give it a go! Think I might even have a sample lurking somewhere.

  6. I'm jealous - I never get compliments on perfume. I don't know if I don't wear enough, I hang out with perfume haters, or I hang out with people who just don't compliment. (I choose not to believe that all of my perfume smells lousy on me. :))

  7. I am jealous as well. I don't get any compliments either. :( And sometimes I really think I should. I smell so nice to myslf. :)
    Hope you find more time for blogging soon!

  8. SS - looking forward to seeing if you find the sample.

    CF - maybe I wear too much?

    Ines - work is starting to make sense so I'm feeling less frazzled, and I think I will soon be blogging more.

  9. Noo! If you were wearing too much people would nervously skirt around you, not compliment you.

  10. Okay - I've applied laddm and I'm waiting for the compliments to flood in.

    The opening notes remind me of the opening of Tom Ford's Black Orchid. It's a woody smell. Do you know what that note is?

  11. SS, here are the notes per

    L'Air du desert marocain Notes
    Coriander, Petitgrain (Bitter orange), Lemon, Bergamot, Jasmin, Cistus, Bourbon, Geranium, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Vanille, Patchouli and Ambergris

    CF, I probably just work with a lot of people who like patchouli - most of the fragrances I have been wearing and I'm complimented are have a touch or two of it.


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