Saturday, February 20, 2010

Another quick sniff post

This is Charlemagne, the youngest of our four cats.  He sits on the dining room table a lot - and I mean A LOT.  The dining room table is where my little laptop is, so he is often here when I post to this blog, so I thought you all would like to meet him!

So quick sniffs, tests that I have done over the last week or so:

Serge Lutens Bois de Violette - love the deepness and how the violets pop in and out but fades quickly on me.

L'Artisan Patchouli Patch - adorable and slightly musty (which I like).

L'Artisan Fou d'Absinthe - this has been tested by me a number of time - I immediately like it - earthy, anisey (another scent I love), lovely...but why does it fade so quickly?  It does come back but a bit, but then fades again.  If this had longer staying power on me, it would be a must-have.

Serge Lutens Douce Amere - I think I have posted that I liked this one, in response to another blogger's post.  But I'm not sure anymore.  It's much too sweet/vanilla-y and that sweetness hangs on too much for me.  Caramel candy?

L'Artisan Mure et Musc Extreme - now I understand 'indolic' (I think) - at a point this smells literally like butt.  I need to try this one out again, and also need to test the regular version because other than the crap smell, it's has a lot of loveliness in it.

L'Artisan Timbuktu - Immediately made me smile!  Happiness of flowers and spice and earthy-goodness.

Samples that recently arrived to my home include a bunch of Miller Harris, and ToykoMilk.  Hope I get to some of them this weekend.


  1. It's great that Timbuktu makes you smile. Whenever I put it on and inhale, it feels like someone lifted a burden from my shoulders.

  2. Such a pretty cat. Give him a scratch from me.

  3. Ines, I'm buying a full bottle as soon as my pocketbook allows!

    Callie, I just gave gave him a scratch in your honor - of course he's right here, between the laptop and the lamp!

  4. That is one sweet-faced cat!!

    Air-balls on almost everything on that list, BF, so I can't comment, except "Timbuktu" (I'm still working on that one) and "Fou d'Absinthe" did fade super fast the one time I tried it. (Not a huge anise fan, so more for you...) WHY do these super high-end scents fade so fast? Makes me mad...

  5. LCN, Charle is a sweetie, that's for sure! Thanks.

    I know, the fading from really expensive scents angers me...that's why I'm starting to lean towards Tauer and Miller Harris fragrances...from what I have sniffed so far, they last.

  6. FdB does the disappearing act on me - but not Bois de Violette. I don't know why. Dolce Vita doesn't, either.

    Beautiful kitty! My own sweet Silvia is 17 and very arthritic; I don't know how much longer she'll be with us - and we just found out that my youngest kid is allergic to cat dander, so when she leaves us we won't be getting another cat until he's off to college.

  7. That is one handsome cat. I bet he walks on important papers too.

    I like Timbuktu too, though I have to be in the mood for a cool, ghostly pencil.

  8. Haha! The captcha to my last comment was "spook" - how spooky is that?

  9. KITTY!


    Sadly, I can't smell Timbuktu at all - it's one of the L'Artisans that just doesn't exist as far as my nose is concerned. I do love Fou d'Absinthe.

    I must try Bois de Violette - I want a violet scent that I like, and so far I've heartily disliked every one.

  10. Oh I did not know Lutens did a violet - is it rather new out? Mmm, could be they do not send it here . Sadly we don't get all the wonderful scents you get . Frustrating.
    Well, you know a kitty cat sits just where he or she wants and if its the dinning talbe - so be it! LOL

  11. LJ, where are you? I got my sample from theperfumedcourt. CF, do try it - I look forward to hearing what you have to say about.
    Ms. Bonkers - hehee re: Timbuktu!

    I love my kitties!

  12. oh and Mals - never sure why some things fade on some folks and not others, etc etc...


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