Saturday, February 13, 2010

And the rose winner is....Luten's Sa Majeste la Rose

I sampled many many rose fragrances over the past coupla of weeks, on a search for the perfect rose we go!

When I first received Frederick Malle's "Une Rose" and Serge Luten's "Sa Majeste la Rose", I immediately did a sniff/compare.  I ran up to the Moth and asked him, at various stages of the drydown, which he preferred.  At mid-range, there was a tie.  But we both preferred Luten!!

( "Une Rose" is, dare I say, too complicated.  It's beautiful, but not for me for this purpose as there is not enough rose throughout.)

This Queen Rose is ROSE through and through, from top to bottom, and with enough underneath to keep it from being boring.   It is the rose I want to wear to commemorate my Great Gramma.

Now others I sniffed on my quest for my perfect rose scent:

Le Labo- Rose 31  - clean but distant
L'Artisan - Voleur de Roses - too much patchouli (I cannot believe I just said that!) and not enough rose
Parfumerie Generale - Brulure de Rose - too much brulee, where's my spoon?
Stella McCartney - Rose Absolute - umm, where are the roses? oh, wait, there it i...oh darn I missed it
Frederick Malle - Lipstick Rose -  my mom would dress up to the nines to go to church and this scent reminds me of the smell of my mom's kiss on Sundays (she was a smoker), and there's also something that reminds me of the taste of those candy wax lips.
The Different Company - Rose Poivree - okay, this won't work for my solitary rose fragrance but WOWZA, I want it...earthy goodness.  Oh and I see J-C Ellena made it.
The Different Company - Oriental Lounge - they said it has a lot of rose in it, but not rosey enough, but it's a lovely thing.
Diptyque - L'Ombre Dans L'Eau- Although not the rose for me, it begins very beautifully but alas it fades really really quickly on me.
Creed - Fleur de The Rose Bulgare - if I was a millionaire, I would be buying this up straight away.  I LOVE this one - again, not as a single rose fragrance but just because I adore it.
Fresh - Cannabis Rose - a cool hippy rosey scent, perfect for going to a street fair.
Tauer - Incense Rose - oh incense, oh rose - be mine!!  
Tauer - Un Rose Chypre - I believe I am a chypre freak, and although I love the first two stages of this, by the end it's all base notes and no rose.  Sigh!  I so wanted to love this one for this purpose.  I'll be trying this again and again, just to make sure I'm not being hormonal about it.

(one last thing - I wish there was an endless amount of labels one can use with blogger...)

(photo from google search; samples from luckyscent, Sephora store, and theperfumedcourt)


  1. Sadly, I have civet issues with Sa Majeste, but I can see how people without such hyperanosmia as me would love this one.

    My favourites on your tested list are Brulure de Rose (bring on dessert!) and the Creed.

    Les Rosines Rose Kashmirie is worth a shot - in the rose department I have a bottle of that and Brulure.

  2. I had to look up 'hyperanosmia' - oh I definitely do not have that LOL

    The Creed is absolutely amazing - wow! I actually sprayed some on right after I posted last night so I could luxuriate with it.

    I'll give your suggestion a go. Thanks!

  3. Sa Majeste La Rose keeps popping up. I definitely need to get my hands on it soon!

  4. I am beginning to get the picture that you and I have similar tastes-- several of your reactions were very similar to mine. I, too, love SMLR-- I find it softly "green", like I'm smelling the stems, which I love. (Quietly, now, so FlitterSniffer can't hear us-- I don't "get" civet at all in it.)

    "Une Rose"-- too dark. "Voleur de Roses" -- I'm not sure it's the patchouli I'm responding to, but I think it smells musty and vaguely like sherry. "Lipstick Rose" = Smoker mommy makeup!! Exactly!!

    Anyway-- those are all the ones I know. I'll have to hunt down some Creed at at some point-- see what all the cool kids are talking about.... ;)

  5. Funny enough, I spent most of last year testing roses, but blogged exactly zero about it. I did find that I could separate rose scents into a couple of different categories: fresh&bright, dark&winey, and rose chypre. I love them all, but it sounds like you were looking for the fresh&bright ones.

    I'm with you guys on SMlR - I smell no civet. (Interestingly, some of my favorites seem to contain that.) It is really beautiful, but for that fresh, bright rose I was looking for, I particularly wanted something that grabbed my heart and squeezed, and Sa Maj didn't do that. What DID grab was Parfums de Rosine Rose d'Ete, the one that has that buttery-appley yellow-rose vibe. I adore it.

    Actually, I think all the PdRosines are done well, and you might enjoy trying some of them, BF! That Creed is still on my to-test list, but I recently tried one that just made me swoooon, it was so bright and lovely (and correspondingly, staggeringly expensive): Montale Highness Rose.

    Une Rose scared me; I didn't care for Lipstick Rose; Incense Rose had something... *greasy* in it that turned my stomach, although I did like Une Rose Chypree very much (but somehow not enough to buy more than my big sample).

    I'm very hampered by my hypersensitivity to patchouli, when it comes to rose. Voleur de Roses was horrendous, as was the Le Labo. A few more to try, if they come your way: SSS Velvet Rose, Montale Oud Queen Rose and Aoud Roses Petals (why do they spell oud two different ways??). 100% Love, PdR Balkis, AG Rose Absolue are a few more.

    You say you're done researching roses? Sor-reee! Didn't mean to create lemmings! (you know I'm kidding, right? we all enable each other...)

  6. LCN, I'll be doing a test of your Delrae (?) suggestions soon, btw. Une Rose was really greasy to me for some reason. And do try the Creed - I look forward to hearing what you have to say about it.

    Mals, I am looking for fresh and bright for this memorial/commemoration scent. I never even knew about the Rosine line - of course I'll have to try those (once my bank account fills up again - gosh, I have been spending too much moolah on scent these days). I'm jotting down all your suggestions.

    We all need a 12 step group!

  7. BF, the rose quest is to honor your granny, right? How nice.

    PdRosine scents are lovely. If I could be your fairy godmother and shower Alexander Hamiltons upon you, I'd then suggest you try all the Rosines, the Montale roses, all the DSH Perfumes roses, and Sonoma Scent Studios... OH! And Nahema! have you tried Nahema? Rose Barbare? (I haven't tried RB, and sadly, I am totally anosmic to Nahema - but a lot of people just love Guerlain's classic rose.) YSL Paris is a little heavy, but the LE Printemps editions (a new one every year) are really pretty, simple rose scents. Another favorite of mine is Goutal's Petite Cherie (pear, grass, rose, and a very light musk) - it reminds ME of a quiet summer evening at my grandmother's house...

    I may never be done testing rose scents. And that might be a happy thing! But I think you could certainly do a great deal worse than Sa Majeste, as it is lovely.

  8. Ines, do try it!

    Mals - how come you're NOT my fairy godmother!? ;) sigh.

    I love lots of Guerlain so I have to try Nahema, but I don't think I'll try Rose Barbare because I'm not fond at all of aldehydes.

    Petite Cherie sounds darling! I'll have to try that. And yes, the who Rosine line - yes, a must do. hehehee, yeah, I think I'll never be done testing rose scents. Thanks so much for so many suggestions (I think!)


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