Thursday, January 21, 2010


I'm a little off my game - a new job is looming (February 1st) and my current job is driving me batty.  My husband is in CA for three weeks, so I am home alone w/all the animals.  And I'm quitting smoking.

So I'm not that happiest person on this planet right now.

But new scents that enthrall me DO make me happy.

For instance, La Chasse aux Pappilons (both versions). I tested them yesterday, and they're very lovely and quite different.  I'm drawn initially more to the Extreme version, but of course, who couldn't have guessed that!  I'm really looking for a pretty floral as I'm so stuck in all things oriental.  I haven't quite come up with the right words to describe these two, so I'll do another test tomorrow and write more about my initial reaction to the original version when I sniffed it at FF's house a whle back.

(the photo is of a hydrangea in my yard - I couldn't find the photo of one of my lilac bushes so this will have to suffice!)

So today, I met my friend TKF at our local Sephora store.  She wanted some new makeup and I was there to keep the sales people (i.e., the under 30 ones) from veering in directions she didn't want to go.  She did find some good stuff - I'm a fan of Stilla's powdered foundation (though any more I hardly ever wear foundation) and she ended getting some.  Also, some blush from NARS - I got some too - "Madly."  I wonder though if it will just end up in my container-of-misfit-makeup.  I should try harder some times.  I do wear lip stuff every (and perfume, of course).  We'll see.

Anyway, so I find the Fresh line (TKF told me she wears one of the sugar varieties), and I got three samples -  Cannabis Rose, Pink Jasmine and Hesperides.  On first whiff, Herperides reminds me a bit of Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune (Guerlain) which I really like but haven't done a proper test of yet.

Oh why do I keep getting samples when I have so many here?  And why am I writing in two journals (here and my sketch book?) - umm, could it be that I'm bored? ;)

I did test two Kilian fragrances today (samples from luckyscent) - A Taste of Heaven and Liaisons Dangereuses.  ATOH reminds me, after the initial burst of citrus, of L'Air de Rien (the oakmoss perhaps?) and I think LADR is a much superior scent.  LD?  Well it pretty much melted away quickly.  Not a bad scent; in fact it is really nice, but it just doesn't stay on my skin at all.

Yep, I'm looking for an amazing floral (without aldehydes of course).  Also looking for a rose (have six or so samples of different rose perfumes, and maybe Sunday I'll do a major scent test.

OH, speaking of smells - have you checked out Penzey's Spices yet?  WOW!  Their Tellicherry Black Pepper is to DIE for!  I have to drive across town to visit the store, but you can check them out here!


  1. I thought that I would *hate* La Chasse aux Pappilons when I was out trying it the other day, but I walked away neutral-to-warm on it, which surprised me.

    The proof just keeps pouring in-- I am not a floral fan!! I think I was having a dream the other night that all the perfumes I would ever smell from now on would have no floral components to them, and I was trying to figure out how that would make some of my favs smell: Black Orchid, Bois de Paradis. Would they still smell good? Would I recognize them?

    As for Penzey's-- somehow I learned about them years ago back when I lived on a farm-- they are the *BEST*. I didn't realize they had broken out into actual stores-- I could only order stuff from the catalogue.

  2. I so want to be a floral fan - but perhaps I shouldn't force myself! I do love TDC's Bois de Iris, but it's not a real floral. I need to do the proper Papillons test soon.

    And one of these days, I wll hopefully find a rose that I like.

    hehee I love that you had a dream about perfume!

  3. Funny, I've nearly always been a floral fan! But I did NOT like La Chasse aux Papillons, which surprised the heck out of me - on my skin it was gorgeous for half an hour, and then it smelled like laundry. Bleah.

    Have you considered moving into florals via floral orientals? Seems like all my very favoritest perfumes are that. What rose scents have you tried? (I ask because my geeky Excel file contains notes on at least nineteen rose scents I've personally put on skin. They tend to fall into two categories: "fresh" roses and "dark" roses. You might be better of with the darks!)

    I love love your photo of the hydrangea... spring. Sigh.

  4. Nice photo. I don't wear perfume. Allergies, and besides I live in the woods and the chickens wouldn't like it. But, I love the different fragrances. Very interesting blog.

  5. Mals, you may like the extreme version better - peppery and deeper!

    I have six rose samples I have to try (at the moment I'm at work, and cannot remember which ones I have!) - let me go through those and then can I ask you what you think?

    Yeah, spring..sigh - I cannot wait.

    Callie - I have five laying hens, and only 1/3 acre. I like your blog!!


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