Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tauer's L'air du desert marocain

 Firstly, let me just state that so many great perfume blogs out there are teasing me so much that my want/need for more samples is causing a frenzied fight between my pocketbook ("no Carol, you really don't need more samples since you haven't sniffed even half of the ones you have") and my heart ("but Carol, just think of all the pleasure you'll get out of more samples - you NEED WANT them..")  Sigh!  That whole devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other.  FLICK...bump!  Yep, that was the sound of my knocking the angel off to the floor.

(Quick Review:  Diptyque's L'Autre (which I would really like if only it wasn't so much Indian restaurant at once!)  Husband liked it, though, and asked if he could have my sample. link to fragrantica's page ).  I can understand why this one has been discontinued)

I read a blog entry on Tauer's L'air du desert marocain (which of course I cannot find so I cannot reference it - arghhh) so I had to see what it was like on me, given that I have a sample from luckyscent.    Oh my heavens (or should I say oh my earth!)  What a wonderful fragrance.  Smokey incense yet somehow clean. Long-lasting and ooooh have I said how much I like this?  I wore it last night to a gathering of a few friends at a local eatery/bar.  FF and RL liked it a lot, but NL (who doesn't like a whole lot of scents, and esp strong ones) didn't care for it, either did the only male in the group, who said that he likes more flowery notes on women.   read about it at Tauer's website

And of course, now I want to try Tauer's Incense Rose.

Unfortunately the bottle is butt-ugly, or should I say fortunately?  Maybe I'll just order a large decant from theperfumedcourt! (photo from Tauer's website)


  1. I love LADDM, as you will come to call it when you get really exasperated at the typing involved, but haven't ever "got" anything else from this line, including Incense Rose, and Rose Chypree, which are much loved on the blogs.

    Btw, we need you to come up with a screen name for your husband other than "husband": so far we have the CEO, Himself, Bazza aka The Other Nostril, and Mr Bonkers. There are bound to be others I have missed, but "husband" just won't cut it, and DH isn't much more inventive. : - )

    May I also add that some of my happiest times were spend staying at the Hampton Inn in Solon.

  2. hahaa, okay I'll have to come up with a moniker for him! What were you doing in Solon? I live in Oberlin, which is west of Cleveland about the same distance as Solon.

  3. I really love this scent a lot as well-- fresh, bracing, different. A lot of scents promise something exotic and don't deliver, but this one does. And you are right-- what is up with the early 70s corporate wall art graphic on the bottle?

    Also, as ever, FlitterSniffer is correct-- you need to name your man.

  4. I have stayed in Solon a couple of times, both for work - I do market research on random industrial topics - on those occasions the topics were pultruded plastic and (I think) some kind of automotive seals or gaskets.

    I have done the drive to Toledo though, so I can't have been too far away as the crow flies!

  5. @LCN - I'm still trying to figure out a name!
    Flitter- if ever you're here again, I'd love to meet up - you pretty much drive right by me on the way from Solon to Toledo!

  6. This is one of my all-time favorites, for myself to wear, but I would pay good money for a man to wear it for me. :-D

  7. Flora, the man thing is what I feel about Sel de Vetiver. and thanks for stopping by!

  8. So I wore this the other day at work, and I had three people come up to me to ask me what I was wearing!

    Again, I wish the bottle was different - only because I grew up in the 70s and it too much reminds me of awful textile art from that time.

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