Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oh, to be a young punk again

Firstly, let's get through the boring-ness that is Daisy (Marc Jacobs). I had to re-apply three hours after initial spritz. The slight grapefruit at opening was pleasant, and the mid/base was nicer, but in general this scent is boring, blah, and waste of my test day.

Sel de Vetiver (The Different Company).
I actually did a little test of this a few nights ago, when I splashed some on and was immediately in lust with nostalgia that was my life, the remembrance of how many possibilities that is youthful experimentation and romance. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it's true.

This is a perfume I would wear when I looked like this, and the world was my oyster.  When I would wear a pomade of bergamot to grease my hair that I found in Woolworths on Euclid Avenue, finding new music, art and literature, and people and lifestyles to explore.

Yesterday in the afternoon, my 21 year old son stopped by.  He allowed me to put some of it on him, and when we went shopping together, I would stop and ask him if I could sniff.  It was really lovely on him, but alas, he has no interest in scent and given his personality this wouldn't be right for him anyway.

I tested this again this morning - oh how I love this fragrance.

But there's too much sadness in it for me to wear it these days - the emotions it evokes of the loss of youth and my exuberance and naivete.

But, if I only could go back thirty years with this perfume in hand and on body, I would have ruled the world!    (can you tell I'm a little PMSy today?)

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  1. I've only tried this scent once, and it was during a Barney's binge-- never a good way to get to know something subtle like this one. It didn't leave much of an impression on me-- I think all I have in my notes is "salty." (Sometimes I look at my notes later, and I think, why did I ever think this would be useful later?)

    With you on "Daisy"-- *pleasant*. Ok. Some people need to smell pleasant. But why, when you can smell punk?!?!?

    When I get to SdV again, I'll think about what you wrote...

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing what you think about SdV. I was really kinda blown away by my impressions about this scent - amazing, huh, how scents can really tug at you.

  3. It's amazing how perfume can hold such emotional memories. In a way it is a but like how music can immediately bring us back to a specific time in our lives, and that bittersweet nostalgia it evokes.

  4. Exactly - there are some pieces of music and /or bands I cannot listen to anymore - with SdV it brings it all back to me without having experienced SdV at that time and place...amazing how scent transports!


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