Friday, January 15, 2010

Guess what came in the mail today!?!?!

Give up?

A beautiful bottle of L'Air de Rien!!! 
Excuse me while I indulge in this scent for a minute.

AHHHH, okay now where was I?

I'll pretty up this blog at some point, but I wanted to note the samples I just got from, which was also in the post today:
  • Dune (Christian Dior)
  • Premiur Figuier Extreme (L'Artisan)
  • Timbuktu (L'Artisan)
  • Mure et Musc Extreme (L'Artisan)
  • Lolita Lempicka 
  • Badgley Mischka
  • New York (Parfums d Nicolai)
  • Black (Bulgari)
  • Le Feu d'issey (Issey Miyake)
  • Mauboussin
Most of the samples I have been getting these past two weeks are from my reading of the Lutin/Sanchez book.  No, they are not all the five star ones, but ones that I'm intrigued by their description, or from my friend Frieda F's suggestions, and sharing our samples to be sniffed and tea to be sipped at her home.

I have always been interested in scent - from the first bottle of rose water that my Great Gramma gave me, to Jovan's Musk in the 70s, then to perfumed oils of patchouli and other stuff from the hippy stores, and then finding Opium in the early 80s, and The Body Shop,  and..well, you get the picture.  Even if I didn't have a lot of money, I usually wore some sort of perfume.  It was like lip color to me - even though the rest of me may have been in shambles, I always had on lipstick and perfume (or nearly always!)

So, for the past coupla days, I have been writing my perfume journey in a sketch book.  I want to continue this sketch book because I don't want to lose it all to the internet.  It's kinda like digital photography - it's all well and good, but sometimes I just want to pick up an actual photograph!

I'm attempting to do a scent per day, and today is Day Four.  I'll probably pull out my sketch book and post here at some point what I wrote in there over the past three days, but here goes Day Four's Test (which is a scent I have on hand, and not from a sample because I knew I'd be busy at work today so I kinda cheated):

The perfume I tested today was Bath and Body Works' Sandalwood Rose, which unfortunately has been discontinued (the only 'notes' I have found are sandalwood, rose and green tea).  This fragrance, although not fancy or layered, is something my BFF Denise and I fell for one summer years ago when we took time away from our boys to spend an afternoon having lunch at an organic market, and then walking over to the BBW store to sniff.    It's an, or should I say, it was a lovely inexpensive treat.

A while back I found a bunch of Sandalwood Rose products in the close-out bin and I think I bought 4 of their bottles of scent and some body wash.  Denise had a good birthday that year!  And I am still enjoying the left-overs. 

Let me see how this whole blogger thing works.  I'm used to LiveJournal (I'm selwynne on there, btw) so this format will take me a bit to figure out.


  1. Well, now, I just have to ask you.... Is it pushing someone when they are so clearly ready to jump?

    You look like you've been blogging all your life over here, Lady! (LiveJournal I don't know, so maybe you have been...)


  2. Thanks for the nudge, my dear! Wouldn't have done it without you (and we'll see if we live to regret it, heheee!)


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