Saturday, January 16, 2010

the first day of the journey (1/12/2010)

(from my sketch book)

Coco Mademoiselle (Chanel).
- sample from a Sephora store
- 4 stars "floral oriental" from LT/TS' perfume guide
- perfumer Jacques Polge

top notes:  orange, bergamot, grapefruit
middle notes: litchi, rose, italian jasmine
base notes: indonesian patchouli, haitian vetiver, bourbon vanilla, white musk 
(notes taken from

Today I begin my little perfume journey/journal.  I'll try a perfume or two a day, and see how I feel about them.  I have ordered a ton of samples (from and and I mean a ton!

I can probably go a half of a year with all the samples I have and  the ones that Frieda F has (edit:  my sniffing partner-in-crime).  Anyway, onto the review. 

You'd think that with the list of ingredients in this perfume, I would adore it.  It IS pretty, it IS lovely...but...that's just it.  It doesn't wow me.  A fragrance though I'd wear if someone gifted it to me.


  1. People do love Mademoiselle-- me, not so much. I just don't "get" it. But I'm also hampered by having worn Coco most of my adult life-- I guess it's not fair to compare one to the other and to ask the one to thrill you like the other does, but every time I even hear the word "Mademoiselle," I think: why wear that instead of "Coco."?

  2. I still haven't received my sample of Coco - when I got the sample of Mademoiselle, I had already ordered the Coco one, so I resisted the urge to sniff the original. Once it arrives, I'll do a test with both of them on me, and see what happens!


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