Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Chanel experiment

I received four samples from theperfumed court the other day - finally they arrived!

At first blush, they all were a little weird to me for some reason, but  they move into their world quite quickly.

Cuir de Russie - oh!! I smell the leather.  Wow, I like this smell.  With Bois des Iles it is a pleasant floral, but doesn't wow.  Coco -ahhhhh!   No. 19 - this was the Chanel I wore in my early 20s because I couldn't stand No. 5 (I guess I have always disliked aldehydes even before I knew the term).  A little more depth that the other at the mid phase, and of course the nostalgia from having worn this scent nearly 30 years ago.

Coco stays the longest on my skin.  In fact when I got up this morning, I could still smell it on me.  It end up as a warm fragrance, and very comforting.   Of all four, I like Coco the best.  But I do love the leather smell of Cuir de Russie, but I'm not that woman to wear CdR - she is much more posh than I'll ever be!  I need, now, to find a leather fragrance that knocks my socks off.

I should do a test of Coco and Coco Mademoiselle together and see what happens.

Oh this isn't very detailed (no perfumers or notes) - sorry folks - getting ready for my husband to come back from CA - he has been gone three weeks - so I'm a little distracted! ;)


  1. Coco & CdR are my two go-to Chanels-- Coco I've worn for 15+ years, and has brought me more pleasure than I could possibly say...

    I love CdR because leather is such a difficult scent for me-- I just don't find that it plays well with others. But CdR is like the softest, pink suede-- posh yes, but approachable.

  2. Last night, when my husband came home he brought me a L'Occitane candle "the golden branch"(that smells like a church! I love it) He said that when he was in the store, he asked the salesperson that he wanted something that smelled like the inside of an old suitcase.

    I immediately grabbed my sample of CdR for him to sniff the leather! He liked it, but now I want to find something w/a stronger leather note. Do you have any suggestions?

    And re: Coco - I would love to have a bottle of it - after reading another blog (I cannot remember who's at the moment) I'm gonna frequent more tag sales to see if I can score one!

  3. On the leather front-- that I like-- not really, unless you count Bulgari Black, which is a famous "leather"-- I think it smells more like sexy mechanic-- motor oil and sweat-- but it's one of those ones that hits lots of different people different ways.

    Oh, wait-- I know: Juliette has a Gun "Midnight Oud"-- I know it has oud in the title, and you do smell the wood, but I think it's a scent illusion-- smells like *wonderful* leather car seats.

    Olfacta writes about vintage Coco, which sort of makes my heart flutter. Could I really get up the nerve and go for it on Ebay? Do I NEED another bad habit?

    P.S. If you want to smell like the quietest, most contemplative place of worship and sanctuary imaginable? Try DSH "Lumiere." Holy holy.


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