Sunday, January 31, 2010

Carnal Flower, L'eau d'Hiver, Bulgari Black (short reviews)

Carnel Flower (Malle)...smells like gramma but not in a memorable way.  Am I just too unsophisticated to get this?

L'eau d'Hiver (Malle)..actually enjoyed the top and middle (green turning to warm caramel), but by the end, it smelled like dishsoap.

Black (Bulgari)...again, makes me think that I have a total pedestrian nose or something. I adore the bottle, and I like the rubber/vanilla thing going on, but perhaps I am unable to sniff out such sublime stuff.

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  1. I didn't "get" any of these on the first sniff either. "Black" I went back to a few times and now love-- I think it's just so iconic that a lot of other fragrances ripped it off-- It's like "Hamlet"-- hard to experience it fresh.

    L'Eau D'Hiver after all the hype? Please. I may try it once more, but I think that will be all.

    Carnal Flower-- gonna have to give that a second smell. Not what I thought it would be, somehow, and so it's taken me time to understand it. Have to say, though: tuberose=grandma? Not in my book.

  2. my dear LCN - Please help me with tuberose! I believe that Mals is doing a bunch of tuberose posts, and in fact just read the one where you also talked about "If" - maybe I should give that I try?

  3. That clunk was the sound of my jaw hitting the floor... grandmothers smell like tuberose? You're kidding, right? (One of my grandmothers smelled of Jergens lotion and Avon Cotillion, a cheapie version of Youth Dew; the other never wore perfume and smelled of lemons and tea.)

    Not everybody likes tuberose. My mother would rather put out cigarettes on her bare flesh than smell me in a big white floral (did you read my story about how she made me take my Sand and Sable BACK TO THE STORE??). Maybe you're just not a tuberose gal. And that's okay, because you're OK, I'm OK... hey, I don't care all that much for vetiver, and nobody's yanking my perfumista card.

    If I weren't snowed under, I'd send you some tuberose samples, but things are hectic now and I couldn't do it until about April. If that suits you, we'll plan on it (malsnano86 at gmail dot com).

    I like Black a lot - and yet I would never have given it five stars. To me it smells like New Bicycle Tire, Vanilla, and Lapsang Souchong. Very pleasant, but groundbreaking? No. I'm actually working up a review of it, comparing it to vintage Je Reviens (which I really need to do more of as the weather warms, which it HASN'T YET!) as Luca Turin did.

  4. So why wouldn't a gramma smell like tuberose? I'm confused!

    mals, I just got a sample of Lapsang SuChong (Tokyo milk) Heck I love vetiver but cannot deal with aldehydes. I so trying to find a floral I can adore (lCaPapillons might be it) but first I am going to concentrate on a rose perfume - just got in about 10 different samples!

    I'd love for some samples! I'll email you so you have it. I may have some some samples you'd like to trade with me.


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