Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bois d'Iris (The Different Company)

I sniffed Bois d'Iris initially at FF's house, when she first taught me about purchasing samples on line! Oh thank you FF for your knowledge and help!

My reaction was instantaneous - I want it and I want it now! (I believe FF said something like it smelled like a roll in the hay with Gerard Depardieu...or was that another sampled fragrance?  I need to take better notes!).  She gave me some of her larger sample to take home with me and I was very very happy!

(photo from

Anyway, I sniffed this again, and again, (and again - in fact I have had to buy another sample).  The iris (root?) deep and woodsy and compelling draws me in immediately. There is a hint of hay! This is one perfume that I do not have to wait for the mid/base to come calling - it has me at the get-go.  The only negative is that it fades a little too quickly for me, but even so, this is a must-have .

- sample from luckyscent
- TS/LT say three stars "irish whiskey"
- perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena

Notes:  iris (some sites say iris root), vetiver, bergamot, cedar, geranium, narcissus and musk.

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