Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Badgley Mischka

- sample from theperfumedcourt.com
- four stars "gorgeous fruity" LT/TS
- perfumer Richard Herpin

I don't know, maybe my nose is broke, but I barely sniff anything and what I do get a whiff of is pleasant and all, but definitely not something I would purchase.  There are other perfumes that have a similar aura that I have already.

Notes (taken from BM's website via basenotes.net)  red wild berries, peach, cinnamon, osmanthus, white peony, jasmine, swede musk, indian sandalwood, caramel amber, patchouli)


  1. I've read about this one, but haven't tried it. (I went on a bit of a shopping binge, too, over the holidays-- I've got quite a bit of samples lined up to try that I haven't gotten to yet-- this one isn't in there, thought, I think...) I always fear fruity, however...

    if you're quitting smoking-- (did I read that right elsewhere?)-- shouldn't your nose be working better, not worse?

  2. I barely sniffed fruity - but again, my broken nose!

    Yep, I started smoking, get this, when I was FORTY! Now that I am 50 I decided enough is enough. And yeah, you'd think it would be working better - I'm gonna give is a rest today

  3. I only smoke about a pack a month. (How my husband envies me... He was a 2-3 pack a day smoker for almost 40 years. C. Everett Coop called people who can smoke like that "chippers." my mom was a chipper, too.

  4. I envy you too! I wish I could be a chipper - alas I have such an obsessive personality, sigh!


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